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Classes for Gordon Bernell Charter High School (GBCS) are held at our facility on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

GBCS is a public charter high school designed for adult learners (18 and over). The self-paced, mastery-based curriculum maximizes student success in school. Its mission is to transform lives.

This high school is designed to meet the needs of adult learners, 18 and older, all of whom have dropped out of high school at some point in their lives. Some have been out of school for months, some for years or even decades. The intervening years have often been filled with incarcerations, substance abuse, homelessness and unemployment. The decision to change their lives demands a great deal of commitment and courage on the part of GBCS students; compassion n and talent on the part of the GBCS staff and governance council.

The GBCS schedule is flexible enough to accommodate students' employment, and family obligations; the curriculum meets the standards set forth by the state of New Mexico but is delivered in individual packets which students complete at their own pace. Small classes allow for intensive, personal academic support.

Gordon Bernell Charter School addresses the social, financial, and emotional needs of its student population through a variety of programs, including entrepreneurial enterprises that create job opportunities for students; social work services that connect students of community resources; and cognitive/behavioral treatment that supports healthy decision-making. Most importantly, GBCS has developed a culture, at all campuses, that promotes positive, supportive, adult, peer interactions.